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Disaster Preparedness for Pet Owners

What will happen to your pets if disaster strikes while you're away?

Pet sitters know that disasters can happen anytime or anywhere and can take many different forms, from barn fires or earthquakes, to a propane line explosion or flooding from a violent storm. Any of these might necessitate evacuation.


Be sure to discuss disaster plans with your professional pet sitter to ensure you know how to reach your pet sitter and check on your pets in the event of a disaster. To learn more, read these five questions your pet sitter's disaster plan should answer.

How can you keep your pets safe when disaster strikes?


In the event of a disaster, if you must evacuate, the most important thing you can do to protect your pets is to evacuate them, too. Different disasters require different responses, so prepare now for the day when you and your pets may have to evacuate your home.


Check out these resources offered by PSI to help pet owners prepare for disaster: