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Pet Sitter Page-Turners

Professional pet sitting has enjoyed substantial growth over the last 16 years--and Pet Sitters International has been at the forefront of that growth. For the beginning pet sitter, this means that you do not have to go it alone: PSI is here for you!  

Other like-minded individuals with the same passion have already developed numerous resources specific to the industry to help you as you enter the career. Be sure to take advantage of these "must-reads" as you begin and grow your pet-sitting business!

Pet Sitting for Profit

Considered by many to be the "bible" of professional pet sitting, Pet Sitting for Profit, authored by industry founder and president of PSI, Patti J. Moran, is a must-read for any new pet sitter.

Including everything from in-home pet care and marketing tips to advice for dealing with difficult clients, this is a book every pet sitter should have in their professional library. Purchase your copy today.




The Best of Our WORLD
A compilation of the best articles found in The WORLD of Professional Pet Sitting's first five years, The Best of our WORLD, is an invaluable source of business tips, industry stories and pet-sitting wisdom. 


From dog care to cat sitting, exotic bird care to pet care safety, The Best of Our WORLD is a useful resource for both beginning and veteran sitters.  Purchase your copy today and learn from the best!