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Patti J. Moran, Founder


PSI member pet sitters are affiliated with the most widely respected association in the industry - an association established by Patti J. Moran.  Patti wrote the first book on the topic – Pet Sitting for Profit – and is considered the pioneer of the pet-sitting industry.


Patti’s story:

Patti J. Moran | Pet Sitters InternationalIn the early 1980s, disillusioned by the corporate world and inspired by a good friend who was a huge animal lover like herself, Patti Moran started her own pet-sitting business in North Carolina in 1983.


Caring for other peoples’ pets just like they were her own wasn’t just a business idea for Patti Moran – it was a passion.


She found several resources about starting a small business, but there were no resources on pet sitting or in-home pet care. She seriously contemplated the risks of launching an "unheard of" business. The uncertainty of venturing into an unestablished industry was frightening. And, as she searched for business insurance coverage, many doors were shut in her face. No one had heard of – or understood – professional pet sitting.


Pet Sitting for Profit | Patti J. Moran


After word of her business spread to other parts of the United States, Patti was prompted to put her how-to advice on paper. In 1987 she wrote the first book and premier reference on the topic – Pet Sitting for Profit.


Through the years, it has been considered by many to be the “bible” of professional pet sitting.


In 1989 she unified pet sitters for the first time through a non-profit association and in 1992 she partnered with Business Insurance of the Carolinas to offer pet sitters the first business insurance ever for professional pet sitters.


In 1994 after 10 years of giving care to thousands of felines, canines, fish and fowl, she set out to help other pet lovers turn their passion for pets into profit and founded Pet Sitters International (PSI).


PSI is the world's largest and most respected educational association for professional pet sitters.


Patti’s foresight and determination to inspire and support the most prepared, responsible and professional pet sitters are what keeps PSI at the forefront of this unique and evolving industry.


Today, thanks to one woman’s initiative:

  • Thousands of professional pet care givers across the globe know the rewards of turning their passions into a successful businesses.
  • Millions of pet owners know the confidence of hiring a professional.
  • Millions of pets know the comfort of in-home pet care.