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Pet Sitter Insurance & Bonding

Pet-Sitter Insurance Free DownloadBeing a bonded and insured pet sitter is a vital part of owning a pet-sitting business.


PSI members have access to policies designed exclusively for professional pet sitters – at an affordable group rate.


Download this free resource on what you need to know about pet-sitter insurance.


While other pet-sitter insurance options have become available in recent years, PSI partners with these companies because they offer the most comprehensive and reliable coverage at premiums that won't break the bank for professional pet sitters.


For U.S. Members:

Business Insurers of the CarolinasBusiness Insurers of the Carolinas has been providing General Liability specifically designed for pet sitters since 1995. BIC’s coverage includes the broadest Care, Custody and Control coverage for the pets and property in your care whether at your client’s home, in transit or at your home. BIC also provides bonding designed specifically for professional pet sitters.

Contact Business Insurers of the Carolinas at 1 (800) 962-4611 or at


For Canadian Members: Binks insurance for Canadian members

Binks is proud to be the exclusive insurance broker of bonding and liability coverage for PSI's Canadian members. It administers a comprehensive insurance program tailored to the specialized needs of Canadian pet sitters. 


Contact Binks at 1 (877) 302-4657 or


Insurance is a must for professional pet sitters.

What does a pet sitter do when:

  • a client’s hardwood floors are damaged due to a water-related accident?
  • a pet in her care dislocates its hip?
  • a dog swallows a ball at a dog park and requires surgery?
  • a cat overdoses on medication?

Be sure to take a look at 14 recent insurance claims from professional pet sitters to help ensure that these situations don't occur on your watch.


Read more pet-sitter and dog-walker insurance claims examples:

You can also download this free resource from PSI to find out what you need to know about selecting the right pet-sitter insurance for your business.